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Program Translations

If you want to translate 'Customize My Drive' to another language that isn't listed then download this template file.
This file is the default English file. If you want to use another language as a template then download it from below.

Your new translated file must be a txt file. I do accept right-to-left languages as well.
The layout is very simple. It is as follows:

  • The first line represents the files title - you do not need to edit this.
  • The line beneath this is the language name.
  • The rest are the strings that appear in the program.
  • The very last line sets if the language is right-to-left.

Finished :) Told you it was simple!

Once you have finished, email the file to with your name and url (optional).

Here are the current languages available:

Available Languages

Catalan [CA]
Translated by: Biel Pérez

Deutsch [DE]
Translated by: HammyG

English [EN]
Translated by: HammyG

Español Perú [ES-PE]
Translated by: Jared

Francais [FR]
Translated by: DODICH

Portuguese [BR]
Translated by: Jeronimo Rodrigues N

Russian (Русский) [RU]
Translated by: LblSblY